We touch our phones more than our babies

February 2, 2018

Are you reading this on your phone? Did you come from Instagram, after viewing my story? Or did you come through the Facebook app? 


In new research released about how much we touch our phones, it has come to light that we often touch our phones more than our babies. Quite a shocking thought really. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, babies require extra touch to help their bodies and brains to develop fully. 


In this new research it shows that we hug our phones more than our babies. On average we interact our phones 2,617 times, an interaction being a tap, type, swipe or click. Previous research (that is not linked to this research) shows that babies are held for 12-20% of the percent of the time on average, increased only where baby carrying is introduced. The time we spend tapping on our phones is therefore hurting our relationships as we interact with our babies through phone cameras, Instagram and more. 


This generation of children will only know a world with smartphones everywhere - mum taking photos or where a handheld device can be used to entertain them. Our children will grow up in a world controlled by technology, exposing them to the internet and the vast expanse while also allowing them to become immersed in a world of editing, cropping and perfection.


But how can we overcome this?

The accessibility and ease that comes from using a smartphone will never go away. For many mums, myself included, smartphones give us the ability to continue working whilst staying at home with a baby or to connect with family members that live far away (sending photos or video calls etc).


There is probably a balance somewhere to aim as a new mother - a balance of how to interact with your baby whilst perhaps limiting your time on a phone screen (trust me as a self-employed yoga teacher this can be hard sometimes to achieve the right balance when I have work to do). When do we make the choice to put our phone or tablet down and sit and play with our child? Perhaps every now and again when the urge to pick up that phone and check Facebook or answer emails occurs, we put it away and engage with our baby in real life rather than on screen. 


Connect with Your Baby not Your Phone

So why am I talking about babies and smart phones and communication with your baby? The reason is that I run baby massage courses (in Woking), to help you and your baby connect in a calm relaxed environment. Baby massage, along with baby yoga, helps to improve your baby's development and strengthen the bond between you. As well as group classes, I also offer 1-2-1 sessions for that more personal teaching experience. For more information on what I have to offer, please visit here.

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