Winner of the Spirit Award at the MPower National Mums in Business Awards 2018

June 28, 2018

I am absolutely delighted to reveal that I won the Spirit Award at the MPower national mums in business awards at the weekend!


It was a total surprise but I am so honoured considering all the amazing other mums in business that were listed as finalists alongside myself. Here is a link to the blog I wrote about being shortlisted as a finalist.


The 2018 Gala and Awards ceremony was held on Saturday 23rd June at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury and I attended with my fiancé as well as some fellow mums in business that I know through Blossom and Berry. I swapped the yoga leggings for the high heels (oh my were they high!) and prepared to have an evening celebrating women in business - little did I know that would mean celebrating being a winner myself!


About the Awards

The Mpower National Business awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of women throughout the UK who are successfully juggling the challenge of starting and growing a business with family life. This is the first year of the awards and Nicola Huelin, Mpower founder, award-winning business coach & mentor and author of The Invisible Revolution has personally been on a mission to empower a million mums in business. The Mpower awards celebrate courage, passion and achievements that deserve to be recognised no matter how big or small.


The Big Reveal

The winners of all ten categories of the awards (and the highly commended) were revealed on Saturday 23rd June in a fabulous gala dinner and awards ceremony. It was a chance for everyone to dress up and celebrate mums in the first four years of their businesses. It was a well run, glamorous evening with talks from both Nicola Huelin that runs MPower and guest speaker Nicola Gleave of Worn by Us. The event was celebratory, empowering and of course fun - with a spot of dancing late into the night not to mention the fundraising for Love Support Unite. 


I was lucky enough to know a number of other finalists and cheer very loudly as two of them were highly commended in their categories: Corinna Nicol from Relax and Sing Wakefield was highly commended in the 'Cheerleader' category and Sandy Fernandez Conde owner of Kin to Skin was highly commended in the 'Vision' category.


And so.. the Spirit category... the last of all ten categories to be announced on the night and I was surprised to be quite nervous when they were making the announcements. The award was sponsored by Dawn Cummins from Spirit of Dawn and there were twelve finalists that were shortlisted and in with a chance of winning. I really had no idea that I could actually win and after the two highly commended ladies had been congratulated my heart almost skipped a beat when my own name was revealed as the winner... followed shortly by lots of screams from the Blossom and Berry teachers who were at the event with me! All I can say is thank goodness I didn't have to say anything - what a night.

What Is the 'Spirit' Category?

There were ten different categories in the awards celebrating things like innovation in business, courage, self-belief and social impact. However I was shortlisted as a finalist in the 'Spirit' category. Here is the description for what this stands for:


"We all come from a place of love at mpower but there are some individuals who are so heart-centred that they radiate goodwill to all. They see collaboration not competition, they are generous with their thoughts and deeds, their positive affect on others reaching far and wide (posiripple). We know that you beautiful souls will be reluctant to nominate yourselves but if you have a passion for seeing other people succeed, a desire to share happiness with others and an overwhelming love for life please share your story with us."


This description really resonated with me especially as my own focus over the past year has been to collaborate, connect and create communities.


Dawn Cummins, the category sponsor and judge said "It was a true honour judging the Mpower Award "SPIRIT" category. All the nominations touched me in many special ways. "Susan's World of Yoga" however resonated in ways that are very close to my heart. Our well-being is crucial, I have said often if I was a doctor, I would prescribe Yoga and Meditation for all stress related problems. It can nourish and nurture our souls. Presenting the "SPIRIT" award to Susan was a very special moment, and so deserving."


My Heart-Centred Business - Susan's World of Yoga


I have always believed in running Susan's World of Yoga as a heart-centred business, but since having a baby in 2017, my own heart has been opened up far and wide and I have realised the power and impact that I can have on people through yoga and yoga nidra. Listening to yoga nidra guided meditations myself in those early stages of motherhood was life-changing for me and if I can positively affect other tired mamas then my job is done! 




My overall aim with Susan’s World of Yoga is to help people to give themselves ‘permission to rest’ – this could be pregnant mamas, postnatal mamas, people with anxiety, stress or anyone just needing more sleep and rest. I am doing this via regular yoga classes and special workshops both off and online. I run a monthly first Friday ‘Relaxed Yoga and Yoga Nidra session’ that has been proved popular and run pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes as well as baby massage and baby yoga. 


I have set up two Facebook communities (one called Rest and Replenish and one for all the mamas) to share free advice, tips, articles and relaxation techniques. I am embracing Facebook Live videos for the first time and sharing some of the wonderful techniques that I incorporate into my every day life to help myself to de-stress and get better sleep.


A Few Thank Yous

I couldn't write a blog post about the award without thanking some of the amazing people that have helped me in my journey so far and been part of my community. Gayle Berry for providing amazing training, support and inspiration on a daily basis, Laura Green for her mentoring last year and ongoing enthusiasm for yoga and Patsy for her coaching that helped me realise what I love. I of courses need to thank all of my yoga teacher trainers but in particular Uma Dinsmore Tuli from whom I studied pregnancy yoga and Total Yoga Nidra (along with Nirlipta and all the other wonderful souls at Womb Yoga and Yoga Campus). Every single one of my yoga students, new mums, new babies and people that have attended online and in person courses - you are the community that I do this for. Thank you! And of course, thank you to my wonderful fiancé Edison Fernando for being my biggest cheerleeder (and the first person to jump at the chance of attending a black tie event), to my daughter Ariana Gloria for changing my life and all my family and friends for their support, enthusiasm and carrying of yoga mats up flights of stairs!


What's Next for me?

My aim in 2018 and onwards is to collaborate and connect more with other like-minded businesses and people to spread the word about how important rest is and to share the love! This has already started to happen locally where I am working in new venues, connecting with other businesses and creating new courses and classes. I have so many ideas running around in my head right now and this award has given me the confidence to go on over the next few years and pursue my big dreams.... watch this space!



Award Winning Yoga Teacher and Mum  :)

at Susan's World of Yoga!


Further Information

- If you would like to get in contact with me regarding Yoga or Yoga Nidra and how this can be shared far and wide to your own community I am very much open to new connections and partnerships. Please email to connect with me.

- To find out more about Yoga Nidra click here

- To join my special Rest and Replenish Facebook Group click here







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