Book Review - Yoga Babies by Fearne Cotton

October 19, 2017


As a baby yoga teacher and mother to a seven month old, I was quite excited at the prospect of a new book all about baby yoga - and one written by Fearne Cotton. So I ordered this book to arrive very soon after its publication and in true Amazon Prime style it arrived on my doorstep just 24 hours later. 


The first thing to strike me were the beautiful illustrations throughout the book by illustrator Sheena Dempsey. Bright, bouncy and fun images of babies doing yoga in all places and from all backgrounds. It makes the book so attractive to mamas and babies of all ages.


In the book intro by Fearne Cotton, she states that it is not a 'How-To' guide to baby yoga (which it is certainly not). But instead it is a picture book to read with them showing babies doing a mixture of common yoga poses.  


It's a short, positive, colourful book that is great to read to little ones and show how yoga can be done in the home in everyday situations. It shows babies doing yoga in the bathroom, the bedroom, the lounge and even after a bad day! It pictures mummies and daddies doing yoga poses side by side with their little ones and gives a realistic picture of how you can just do yoga anywhere and anytime. It names some of the most common yoga poses and shows the babies doing these poses - it's really quite cute!


The text is short and sweet and rhyming and will be good to continue to read and act out the poses as my baby turns into a toddler... and beyond!


If fact I think I may read sections of this cute book at a baby yoga class near you soon!


Nice quality book. Thoroughly enjoyed.


I bought this book on Amazon for £4.99










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