10 Benefits of Baby Yoga for You and Your Little One

September 8, 2017


 Baby yoga has a very special place in my heart as it has enabled me to share my profession as a yoga teacher with the brand new person in my life – my baby girl. I spend at least ten minutes a day doing short bursts of baby yoga, bringing about the biggest gummy smiles a mother can see! 

Baby yoga is very different to the type of yoga I teach to adults, although it is based on traditional Hatha Yoga movements. Baby yoga incorporates aspects of yoga breathing, stretching and relaxation, provides tummy time and active play as well as fun songs that use combinations of movements for baby. Both my little one and myself enjoy baby yoga on a regular basis but I would like to explain just some of the wonderful benefits that you can also enjoy.

1. Special time with your baby 

There is nothing better than spending a little quality time with your little one! Time for the two of you together on the yoga mat (or a blanket or whatever comfortable space you have) is very special in the early months and yoga provides a great focus and series of things to do together. 

2. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques for use at home 

When coming along to a baby yoga class it also incorporates simple breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for mum – something that comes in handy on those slightly fractious or sleep deprived days. 

3. Learn soothing and calming techniques for your baby 

Dealing with a newborn, who is trying to navigate his/her way in the world can be a trying time for any new mother. Baby yoga helps to provide a number of calming techniques to help settle your baby or soothe them to sleep. 


4. Learn more about your baby and encourage communication between you 

By carrying out baby yoga, you spend time listening to baby’s cues – are they happy, excited, tired, do they need a feed? The more time you spend looking for their signals and signs, the better you become at communicating. 


5. Make friends and feel supported
By coming along to a group baby yoga class you get to meet other mummies and share your experiences and tips together. This really helps with feeling supported in the early months. 

6. Help relieve colic and help unsettled babies relax
Some babies can be very unsettled or suffer from colic. Many of the techniques and exercises we do in baby yoga can help to aid relieve and soothe these babies – handy also if your baby goes through an unexplained unsettled period. 


7. Meet early developmental needs of baby  

Baby yoga uses multiple senses including touch (one of the strongest senses at birth), sound, smell and movement and sight. All of these help to stimulate and develop baby’s awareness of and movement within the world. 

8. Develop flexibility, encourage postural control and increase body awareness 

Baby yoga provides gentle stretches for baby to develop and maintain their natural flexibility. It helps to promote good posture, muscular strength and development and as well as their sense of balance and spacial awareness. 

9. Help your baby get to know you and build up a relationship of trust and

There is nothing better than getting to know your baby and baby yoga provides the perfect forum for this. You will be working with songs, touch, facial expressions and with time you will learn what baby likes, dislikes and loves to the point of giggles! They also learn to trust you as their primary carer and that you know what they prefer and what their needs are – even if that means a feed or a cuddle instead of yoga sometimes! 

10. May help improve feeding, sleeping and settling patterns

Some of the wider benefits of baby yoga can include improvements to feeding, sleeping and settling patterns, especially when you build snippets of baby yoga into your regular routine as well as attending group classes. 

All in all, baby yoga helps to promote baby’s general health and support their
development in the first year of their life. Baby yoga is fun, playful and full of
wonderful opportunities for love, care and bonding. 

Want to Try Baby Yoga?
So why not pick up your baby and grab some time on the mat together? If you are local to me in Woking, Surrey I run baby yoga courses on Wednesdays. Full details and booking info can be found here:

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