Overnight Oats!

July 15, 2017

So my favourite breakfast at the moment is creating a tub of overnight oats. It does require 2 minutes of preparation the night before but makes the morning routine so much quicker when I can just grab a spoon, pull the jar out of the fridge and get munching.... and I know it's healthy and setting me up for the day! 


So here's the recipe that I use:


  • 40g Scott's porridge oats

  • 0% fat Yeo Valley vanilla yoghurt

  • Frozen raspberries (small handful)

  • Frozen blueberries (small handful)

  • A mason jar or other tub


Simply layer up the oats, yoghurt and frozen fruit in the jar. Close it and leave overnight in the fridge. 


I'm not really someone that measures out my food so I make sure I pick a jar or tub that isn't too big. I roughly measure the oats, use around 4 spoons of yoghurt (or a small pot) and rough handfuls of the fruit.  


By using frozen fruit I always have a pack in the freezer and the wetness of the ice defrosting helps to make the oats nice and moist by the next morning. 


Plus you can vary the fruit and the yoghurt for a bit of a change. Sometimes I even sprinkle a little desiccated coconut or some chia seeds on the top (or a dribble of honey for some extra sweetness!) 


As I said... grab a spoon and off you go! 

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