A brand new concept in postnatal recovery and maternal mental health!


This is Walk Mama Walk - Guided Walking Meditations for Pramtime Strolls. A recording by Susan Yeates of Susan's World of Yoga combining meditation, mindfulness, positive thoughts, poems, pelvic floor exercises and breathing exercises that you listen to whilst out walking with your little one.


This is the first of six recordings and is entitled 'Be Aware' to help you to become mindful of yourself and your surroundings. The recording is around 15 minutes long so that you can simply grab your buggie, your baby and listen to the recording as you take a walk outside in the fresh air. This particular recording includes some simple pelvic floor exercises.


About Walk Mama Walk

Whether your baby is six weeks or six months old, grab that buggie or pram and get walking with Susan. As you walk, listen to these calming and reassuring walking meditations to help reduce any anxiety and boost your mummy-confidence. This is designed to be easy, convenient and combine gentle exercise appropriate for the postnatal period with a focus on your mental well-being as well.


Taking a walk is the chance to reset the system, connect with nature and yourself. Being a new mama isn't easy and this Walk Mama Walk recording helps to blend gentle physical exercise and fresh air with a focus on maternal mental wellbeing - something often very overlooked here in the UK.


Mama you are amazing - treat yourself to this walking guided meditation and get outside!



WARNING: Please do not use noise cancelling headphones whilst listening to the recording. It is important to be able to hear your surroundings fully for the safety of you and your baby when walking. Please also do not go out walking when you are exhausted - take a rest instead and listen to one of the Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) recordings for postnatal mamas that you can purchase here. 


Note: After purchasing the recording you will be given a link to download the recording which is an MP3. This link will be valid for 30 days.


About Susan

Susan is an award winning yoga teacher, yoga nidra expert and postnatal yoga teacher - aiming to help postnatal mamas both physically and mentally after having a baby.

Walk Mama Walk 1 (Awareness) - Guided Walking Meditation