This Yoga Nidra has been crafted to align with the Anaharta (heart centre) Chakra, to help to focus on self love, loving others and opening the heart centre.


What is Yoga Nidra?
Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is among one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Think of it like a guided relaxation or meditation. Yoga nidra can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and general health.


Yoga Nidra for The Heart Centre (Anahata)

This recording is just over 30 minutes long and includes a number of special stages to help you get deep into a state of relaxation and rest. This includes a long body awareness rotation, breath awareness, a visualisation and an intension or sankalpa. The recording is suitable for all ages and abilities but especially useful for anyone who wants to focus on loving kindness.


What is the Heart Centre Chakra?
The chakras are subtle energy centres in the body and originate in Indian healing philosophy. There are seven major chakras and each one is a major hub for prana (vital energy) that flows throughout the body. When a chakra is blocked both emotional and physical health can suffer. Anahata is one of the most complex and talked about chakras in the body and is the fourth chakra that sits in the centre of the chest.This chakra relates to love and is the centre of unconditional love and compassion
How to Listen to Yoga Nidra
Before listening to the Nidra please get really comfortable lying on your back or side, using blankets and cushions so that the body can rest in stillness. Once you are settled, press play and enjoy. This recording includes instructions to wake back up.

Loving Light Yoga Nidra (Heart Centre Chakra)