Classes in Woking:

I am currently not running any regular weekly classes in Woking. Please contact me for 1-2-1 sessions or read on for online options.


NOTE: Please make sure you and your baby have had your 6/8-week check before signing up. Suitable whether you have attended yoga before becoming pregnant or never done it before!


Postnatal yoga is a fantastic way to focus on your own physical and mental wellness after having a baby. From just 6 weeks postpartum you can start to regain your strength, repair your pelvic floor, remove those niggling aches and pains but importantly take time to connect with the new baby in your life!

The classes I teach for new mothers consist of a relaxing flow of postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation techniques (yoga nidra) to help calm the mind and relax the body.

I currently teach postnatal yoga for Busy Lizzy Woking on a Wednesday


There are many benefits from attending postnatal yoga / mummy and baby yoga classes with Susan (whether online or in person):

  • Regain control of your pelvic floor

  • Reduce backache

  • Regain your core strength (sit up without a struggle!)

  • Loosen shoulders and remove general aches and pains

  • Fit exercise/yoga into your routine with short convenient sessions

  • Feel like a great parent

  • Helps to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Learn that you are not alone

  • Helps you to gain some perspective and improve close relationships

  • Bond with your baby and learn to read his/her cues

  • Assists with settling baby and getting them to sleep

  • Regain your fitness and strength - you may even lose some weight too!

  • Learn to love your new body and appreciate all the wonderful things it does

  • You won't feel pressure or that you have lost control

  • It can even help you to figure out your work-life balance

  • Learn to prioritise your own wellness and mental health

Private Classes in Postnatal Yoga - Tailored Sessions

Special 1-2-1 Postnatal Yoga for New Mums


Sometimes a private yoga session works best for new mums. I can come to your home (or hire a local studio) and work with you on a 1-2-1, tailoring a yoga practice to your specific needs. Baby can come along too, lying/sitting by the side of your mat or I can hold bubba whilst you do some yoga. (Or they may be asleep / have a babysitter - anything works!)

I love working 1-2-1 with new mummies and understand many of the common issues that you may wish to work on. 


This is ideal for new mums:

- who cannot make it to group classes

- anyone that wants some postnatal yoga sessions in the comfort of their own home (both you and baby may be more relaxed!)

- have never done yoga before and want to build confidence before joining a group class

- those who have specific pelvic floor / tummy issues they want to work on

- any mum who would prefer a deeper understanding of yoga and a more personal, bespoke yoga class.


Postnatal yoga on a 1-2-1 basis aims to help rebuild strength whilst respecting and supporting the body of a new mummy. It helps to release any aches and pains and work on toning the pelvic floor. Baby comes along too, so no babysitting is required (unless you have it!) This type of session helps to focus on your own physical and mental wellness after baby is born. I will also work on creating simple yoga routines and guided relaxations that you can use throughout your week to build your own personal yoga practice should you want or need this. These sessions are completely tailored to your needs and I am here to support you. Baby yoga and baby massage can also be added into your sessions on request.   

What you need: A yoga mat if you have one (I have mats you can borrow). A space to practice in (or I can hire a small studio space.

What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga is usually practiced with bare feet.


Other info: With a new baby we often have to be very relaxed in our approach, so if you need to feed baby during the session or he/she starts crying then this is not a problem! Babies do this from time to time :) If you have any other questions please email

Cost: Postnatal yoga on a 1-2-1 basis is priced at £40 per hour. A block of 4 sessions costs £140 (£35 per session)

To find out more or enquire about booking: Please click the link below to email me and find out more.



** Suitable for Postnatal Mamas - any time after baby arrives!!**

Adjusting to life with a newborn baby, and your role as a new mummy can be a challenge at times (lack of sleep to name just one!). It can feel like a lonely and worrying path, and many new mums suffer from anxiety, depression or general lack of self care in those important early months. But don't worry - I am here in your corner and over the next 10 days would like to send you a daily reminder of just how amazing you are and how great a job you are doing. A little pick-me up straight to your inbox. All you have to do is send me your email address using the form below and I will email you once a day for the next 10 days with something positive for you to think on.