Susan's World of Yoga and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU law that will come into effect on 25 May 2018.

This information is to enable you to be updated and made aware of how Susan’s World of Yoga is adhering to the GDPR.


There are six areas to GDPR

1. Lawful reason for collecting data (being fair & transparent)

2. Use data only for what it was collated for

3. Only collect necessary data 

4. Keep data accurate & up-to-date. 

5. Only keep data for period necessary

6. Protect data

6.a Accountability

1. Lawful reason for collecting data.

Susan’s World of Yoga collects data to enable communication between myself and my client and for health, safety and the well being of my clients.

2. Use data only for what it was collated for

Your data is used for me to plan your class or to enable me to contact you to keep you updated about the classes you are attending, what you have studied with me and any future classes you have displayed an interest in. 

You may also have signed up to the website newsletter to receive updated information and special offers. Or you may have signed up to receive a free gift such as a course or yoga nidra recording. In which case the only data I may have is your name and email address and only your email address will be used in order for you to receive the information you have opted into receiving and keeping you up to date with additional offerings.



3. Only collect necessary data

Susan’s World of Yoga collects the following data;

A. Email, phone and address contact details 

B. Health & well-being details 

C. Baby's date of birth or child’s age (where applicable for baby/postnatal classes)


4. Keep data accurate & up-to-date

If you opt out to be contact by Susan's World of Yoga this will be implemented as soon as possible. Some of your details may remain in our system for Tax Record Purposes.

5. Only keep data for period necessary

For Tax reasons some data such as receipts of your payment for classes and contact details will need to be kept until they are legally no longer required

Photos can be classed as data...

Previously if you completed a booking form (pregnancy and postnatal classes), your consent for me to take photos in class and to use them was included in this. I am updating this procedure now to be more explicit. Booking and registration forms (on and offline) will now all have a 'photo' section to explain why I take the photos, how they are stored and where they may be used. I previously haven’t taken photos in my hatha yoga classes and consent would have not therefore been required. Should photos be taken in these classes in the future separate 'photo' forms will be provided.


6. Protect data

Your data is not shared with others (consented photos maybe used to advertise Susan’s World of Yoga). If you have signed up to any of my online courses, booked a class or joined the email newsletter then your email address is stored within the relevant website accounts ( for online courses, for email marketing / course correspondence and for online class booking) which are password protected. All data is safely stored away from public access.

Thank you for reading and please remember that if you are on my general mailing list (via mailchimp) then you can subscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link on the footer of the email.