At Susan's World of Yoga I love to help other people with my knowledge of yoga and guided relaxation. Therefore on this page you will find a number of FREE gifts for you to enjoy. That's right - absolutely free!

These are short tasters and offerings that I hope will welcome you into my world but also make a big difference to your life.

Take a look and enjoy!




Join me for a FREE day of yoga to celebrate these new Sunday yoga classes. The classes are set in a beautiful art gallery setting in the heart of Woking with views overlooking the canal. Pick from three different yoga classes:

10.30am - Dynamic Hatha Yoga

11.30am - Beginners Yoga

All classes are FREE on this date. Please bring a yoga mat. Book online by clicking the button below to guarantee your space.


**Suitable for all**

Guided relaxation (or yoga nidra) is a beautiful practice that helps you to unwind and get some deep rest. This 10 minute relaxation is perfect for anyone who is tired, stressed or just in need of an energy boost. It can also be used if you are pregnant or are in the first few months of having a baby (and pretty exhausted!). This audio recording will give you a taster into what you can expect from longer relaxations from me! Put your feet up and enjoy! All you have to do is pop in your email below and I will send you a link to listen to the recording.


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** Suitable for Postnatal Mamas - any time after baby arrives!!**

Adjusting to life with a newborn baby, and your role as a new mummy can be a challenge at times (lack of sleep to name just one!). It can feel like a lonely and worrying path, and many new mums suffer from anxiety, depression or general lack of self care in those important early months. But don't worry - I am here in your corner and over the next 10 days would like to send you a daily reminder of just how amazing you are and how great a job you are doing. A little pick-me up straight to your inbox. All you have to do is send me your email address using the form below and I will email you once a day for the next 10 days with something positive for you to think on.



How to stress less and sleep more

I have set up this group as a way of discussing rest, sleep and Yoga Nidra meditation (guided relaxation) and providing information on how to stress less and sleep more. I will be sharing FREE yoga nidra recordings, videos of gentle yoga asanas and generally offering help and advice for resting properly to replenish the body and mind. Please be kind and supportive to others in the group and feel free to share any advice or help that you have personally found useful.

Give yourself permission to rest!

Please request to join the group and I will approve your request...

FREE Facebook Group:

Woking Mamas and Babies (Pregnancy and Postnatal Support)

A Facebook group for pregnant ladies and new mummies in Woking to discuss baby-related stuff and motherhood. A place to share positive articles, ask questions, support each other and find fun stuff to do.

This is an open (public) and friendly group with a focus on health, mental wellness and supporting each other in a positive way.

Please request to join the group and I will approve your request...