Yoga is a very gentle way to stay in-tune with your body, stretch out tired muscles and can even be a soothing sensation for your belly-bound little one.

In this routine, which takes just seven minutes, I guide you through a series of gentle, beginners-level yoga techniques.

You can pause and take a breath whenever you like, and remember to never push yourself - yoga is meant to be peaceful and calming. Just go at your own pace.

This video was recorded for Channel Mum in early 2019.

Visit the full article for Channel Mum here:


Getting a good night's sleep can be tricky for some but as a yoga teacher specialising in Yoga Nidra and gentle sleep-encouraging practices I love being able to help!

I was delighted to be asked a few months ago by Channel Mum to create a special yoga sequence to practice before bed to encourage sleep.

The video is here:

"Have you ever had trouble getting to sleep? SO many mums do, and it's perfectly normal. Even though we're exhausted with the chaos of being a parent, our minds can go into overdrive when it's time for bed. But thankfully, there are ways to help you get to sleep and yoga is definitely a wonderful tool that you can inject into yo...


I've been cooking again everyone! This is a once a month event as I try to experiment with healthy alternatives to chocolate or biscuits for my baby (who is really a toddler but always my baby).

And this time she even helped me to make it. Genuinely she helped and didn't even pick out the raisins to eat. Think she was slightly miffed as to why we were mixing food rather than eating it but I had fun anyway.

Back to the recipe - Banana Oat Bites

This is a simple 4-ingredient cookie alternative - looks like a cookie, tastes like banana bread and is healthy too. Boom! It also uses up those over-ripe bananas that have turned black and gone beyond the...


There is nothing worse than getting into bed and feeling that you just can't sleep or the mind won't switch off. You are shattered and know you need sleep but something is preventing you from switching off properly and getting that good night's rest you know you need.

In my experience as a yoga teacher (and new mum) I know just how important good rest and sleep is but also for many how this is very tricky to achieve. I also know that yoga and other relaxation practices can help the body and mind to unwind properly before bed encouraging the proper re-charge that everyone needs. I spend a lot of time reading about sleep, researching deep relaxa...


I have quite a sweet tooth and love a bit of chocolate as my go-to treat. However, I also love a healthy alternative as a bit of a guilt-free yumminess - and so step in these cacao and coconut protein balls.

I have had this in my 'must make' list for such a long time but finally got around to making these - and they were delicious.


1 cup medjool dates

1 and a half cup unsalted cashew nuts

Tablespoon cacao powder

Tablespoon desiccated coconut

Tablespoon chia seeds (optional - this adds a little extra protein)

Plus more coconut for the coating


1. Measure out the dates. Soak them for a few minutes in hot water.

2. Measure out the r...


I use birthing balls with my ladies in pregnancy yoga classes as often as I can. They are handy for sitting on and working with to ease up the aches and pains, to keep the back in a good position as well as strengthening the body ready for labour.

So in this blog post I wanted to show you five exercises that you can do yourself at home using a birthing ball. The reason that I am sharing this is that I find that ladies often buy these birthing balls or gym balls but aren't sure what exercises to do on them - so here are a few that you can do easily at home.

A few tips before you start:

- Make sure that you have a ball that is big enough for you (...


I teach baby massage in small group classes, in 1-2-1 sessions with mums and babies in their homes and through my online course Soothe Baby Soothe.

There are lots of questions that come up regularly that I thought I would address in a single blog post. So here we go - five common baby massage FAQs (and their answers too!)

Q: What’s the best time to massage my baby?

A: It’s whatever is the best time of the day for you both to connect and relax, but as a guide it’s around 40 mins after a feed and also after a sleep. In this ‘quiet alert’ period, your baby’s primary needs are met and so introducing and practising a massage can work well. Remember y...

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