At Susan's World of Yoga you will find two ways to learn baby massage with your little one:

Online Course - Soothe Baby Soothe

Learn baby massage from the comfort of your own home with this comprehensive video course. Suitable for babies of 6/8 weeks and up. £30 for lifetime access. Details below or click here to find out more.

In Person with Susan

I am available to teach baby massage on a private basis or in small groups. These are specially tailored session where I meet you and your baby and go through the entire baby massage routine in a safe, warm and comfortable environment.  This could be in your own home, at mine or a small studio in Woking. If you aren't local I can even Skype you! Click here to email me for details.


Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and learn techniques for easing things like colic and teething pain. As a mother of a new baby I know some of the fantastic benefits from learning a series of massage strokes that can be used at all times of day.

As well as being relaxing and calming for both you and baby, infant massage promotes muscular development and coordination and gives you some spend special time with your baby.

Long before babies are able to speak, they communicate with the world around them through touch. The power of touch to soothe and heal is instinctive. If a baby cries, for example, we often cuddle them or stroke their back. Massaging your baby is an extension of this natural impulse.


Note: Babies can receive a gentle massage in the form of stroking from birth but it is advisable for babies to attend classes after they have had their eight week check with their GP.


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I teach a comprehensive baby massage course that shows you everything you need to know about massaging your baby. I explain what types of oils to use, when to avoid massage, cues for a happy baby and of course the massage strokes themselves. I even throw in a few fun songs along the way to help make it fun! During the sessions you have with me, whether online or in person you receive all the knowledge you need to enjoy massage with your baby at home (including a handy guide to baby massage)!

The course includes:

Introduction including about massage oil, when to massage, permission, leg massage routine.

Massage strokes for the legs and feet

Massage strokes for the tummy and chest

Massage strokes for the arms and face

Massage strokes for the back

Plus a few fun songs that include massage movements!

Note: If you study in person with Susan you also receive a FREE 50ml bottle of organic sunflower oil to use for your massage and access to the online course Soothe Baby Soothe.


You can enjoy baby massage with me in two different ways:


Private or small group classes and workshops

These private sessions are great if you want me to come to you to give you a tailored massage class for you and your baby. I will show you all the massage strokes and provide all the information you need to enjoy massage with your baby. Sessions can also be booked for small groups if you have a group of friends that wish to do baby massage together.

Location: Anywhere in the Woking area - I come to you or you can visit me in Knaphill.

Cost: £40 per hour for private tuition. The full massage course can usually be taught in 2-3 sessions. For small groups of two or more babies (with a limit of 5 babies) cost is £50-60 per hour in total.


Online Learning

The online course Soothe Baby Soothe is really convenient for those of you who wish to stay at home and learn in the comfort of your own home and at whatever time works for you (as we all know babies don't always work to a timetable!!)

Location: Anywhere in the world! As long as you have a laptop you ca enjoy the course from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: £30  for lifetime access.

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Baby Massage With Susan in Woking - Private Classes

Comprehensive Baby Massage Course - Delivered on a 1-2-1 Basis (or in small groups)

Details: Join me for a private tailored baby massage course in Woking as I teach you how to massage your baby. This enables you to feel comfortable in your own home, choose a time suitable for you and discuss any specific requirements that you and your baby have. I bring along all the massage mats, handouts and oils and you provide the space and the baby! I usually recommend two 60 minute sessions for 1-2-1 tuition or three sessions of 45 minutes.  I can either come to your home, book a small comfortable studio space or you can come to me in St Johns, Woking. I will travel up to 30 minutes outside of Woking (or email me if you are further to discuss options). Please do call or email to ask questions or to book.

What You Need:

- A towel

- A baby! :)


Time: Currently I have availability for bookings Tuesday mornings, Thursday all day and Friday between 11am and 3pm.

To Book: Please email me for more info or to book in. Please note that there is a maximum of five spaces if you are looking to book this as a group course with friends. Cost is £40 per hour. £70 if you book two one hour sessions in advance or £75 for three 45 minute sessions. Group discounts available for more than one baby.

Please note: I now no longer run weekly group classes - only private sessions and small groups on request. I find that the mums and babies get the most out of the sessions this way and it provides the most relaxed atmosphere for baby and mum. Suitable for babies of 6-8 weeks and older.

Online Course:

Soothe Baby Soothe

Online Baby Massage Course

Details: A comprehensive baby massage course for new parents and their babies. Learn with Susan from the comfort of your own home all the techniques you need to massage your baby. Perfect to help them relax, soothe colic or teething pain, aid digestion and to help you bond.

What You Need:

- A computer or tablet

- Massage oil

- Towel

- A baby! :)

Cost: £30 for lifetime access including demonstration videos and a PDF handout.

To book: This online course is now live and available for you to join and enjoy!!




As a baby massage and baby yoga teacher I see lots of gorgeous babies each month in my classes. I am lucky enough to witness first hand what the benefits of sharing infant massage with your little one can be:

- I observe the special connections and bond between mama and baby
- I see babies relaxed and sleepy 
- I see love, nurturing touch and the oxytocin flowing
- I see smiles and giggles and hear funny noises
- I see babies growing and developing and finding their feet (literally!)
- I see babies getting relief from tummy aches, trapped wind and teething
- I see fun, I see happiness and I see the power of baby massage


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