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At Susan's World of Yoga, you will find safe, effective and nurturing yoga programmes specially designed to help you to rest and relax.


From relaxed hatha yoga classes in Woking to pregnancy and postnatal specialist courses online, there is something here for anyone who needs a little more time to reconnect and recharge the batteries. 

My easy to follow classes and courses can be done anywhere and include short yoga sessions to improve core strength & increase muscle tone, guided relaxations to boost your energy levels as well as baby yoga and massage to help baby's development.

Give yourself permission to rest... and please browse through my website to find our more about what I do.




Susan is an award winning yoga teacher, mum and founder of Susan's World of Yoga – an online yoga space for anyone looking to get better quality rest and relaxation. Blending expert yoga tuition with specialist knowledge in the field of pregnancy and postnatal yoga, restorative yoga and guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) she provides a unique perspective on how to find deep relaxation and reconnect with yourself. Join Susan to nurture your body and soul, relax your mind and indulge in essential 'me time' - perfect for tired mamas!

Award winning mum in business - Susan Yeates!

I am absolutely delighted to reveal that I won the Spirit Award at the Mpower national mums in business awards 2018.


The 2018 Gala and Awards ceremony was held on Saturday 23rd June at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury and I attended with my fiancé as well as some fellow mums in business that I know through Blossom and Berry. I swapped the yoga leggings for the high heels (oh my were they high!) and prepared to have an evening celebrating women in business - little did I know that would mean celebrating being a winner myself!


The Mpower National Business awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of women throughout the UK who are successfully juggling the challenge of starting and growing a business with family life.

Yoga with Susan's World of Yoga...

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Yoga Classes with Susan

Weekly Yoga Classes in Woking, Surrey




I have plenty of yoga classes and courses running in Woking - click below for the weekly timetable.

Yoga Workshops in Woking, Surrey




I run monthly restorative yoga & yoga nidra classes plus specialist yoga workshops!

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Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation. recordings to buy online and listen to. Learn to relax deeply!

Mama and Baby Online Yoga Classes

Guided relaxations for postnatal mamas

The essential companion for tired mamas! These simple guided relaxations provide that all needed rest in the early days...

Pregnancy yoga online course

Join Susan for this easy to follow mini-course in pregnancy yoga. All you need is just five minutes per day to learn some key postures.

Guided relaxations for pregnancy

A six-week course of guided relaxations for pregnancy and birth preparation. Prepare for the arrival of your little one and learn to relax.


"I’ve been attending classes with Susan since September 2016. I was looking to further develop my practice following the birth of my first child the year before.

Susan is an excellent teacher, her classes are always varied, interesting and well planned.

Her passion for Yoga shines through, and she always injects some humour which I really like."

—  Jenny Greenhalgh, 2018